Dr. Salah Rammal
Principal Dr. Salah Rammal

Dearest Students.

For every one of us, we hope to see our dreams come true and how beautiful it is for a dream to turn into a vision and a vision into reality. Yesterday the dream was to build an academic pillar that stands strong with knowledge and values and today we witness generations living the vision that is now translated into their daily lives applying what they have learnt. This would not have been possible if not for the reality of the vision and mission that the IIS family has adopted and believed in.

This year the school has set its five-year plan, translating its vision to be a pioneering school in the Arab region and worldwide. The vision includes active learning, employing knowledge in everyday life, curriculum development and new teaching methods within the classroom. It does not just concentrate on employee growth but also student growth by immersing them more into the community through social work as it is an essential building block in the development of the society, by involving students in decision-making, focusing on scientific research methods and creating leaders out of them.

At the IIS, we look at our students as an important centre for the development of this universe as they are in the heart of Jordan and Jordan is in the heart of the world. Each student has his own independent personality that is influenced and influential; not just a count that goes on. Our ambitions are as wide as space; our limits are beyond the sky, our minds expanded to the whole world and a mission filled with love.

Jordan awaits your achievements dear students with the eyes of your family look full of pride and hope for what you will become. Today one journey will end at the IIS only to begin another journey. Lift your spirits and heads high and create a future for you and your country.

God Bless You.

Dr. Salah Rammal,
School Principal (Airport Branch)

Dr. Wael Seitan
Principal Dr. Salah Rammal

They Said: "If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people".

It is my Honor to welcome you to our school's website, to share our vision, mission and aspirations at the International Independent Schools.

It is no secret that the school has played a major role throughout time in building the personality of the learners, who can complete the endeavor of building and serving all humanity at the national and global levels.

At the International Independent Schools, we absolutely believe in this role and strive to apply our vision and mission to achieve our longitudinal goals, considering the continuous changes in the education field. Our goal is to create realistic leaders who can keep up with these dynamic changes that will drive progress and development forward in all areas of life.

The learner in the International Independent Schools, we believe and apply the students center approach in all education phases and processes and that is why we are eager to have an active role in gearing them up to be part of the change and decision-making. This is beneficial and helpful in shaping conscious leaders with distinctive qualities who can always move out of their comfort zone effectively and be able to confront the challenges of life with their voices.

Learners and other stakeholders, like teachers, parents, institutions and organizations of the local and international communities, play important roles alike. This collaboration helps the International Independent Schools become an educational icon at the local, regional and international levels.

Our motto is that success is not an option; it is required, in word and deed. We will always be honored to welcome you all to our lovely International Independent Schools as partners in our teaching and learning journey.

School Principal (Khalda Branch)
Dr. Wael Seitan