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Core Values

    Dear Parents,

    A Core value is the key or the central value that integrates a culture and helps distinguish one culture from another. A Core value is also a fundamental attitude, belief, and principle which unites an institution. At International Independent School, our Core Values of community, opportunity, Honor above everything, and integrity are fundamentally inherent in our mission statement. These values are always expressed in our school practices, communications, and regulations. As individuals, we bring our own set of personal values to International Independent School and each day our personal values blend with our school values and become strong underpinnings of our character; both the character of our school and the character of our students and families. As with all schools, we have a tendency to attract and retain people who hold values aligned with those of our school.

    As International Independent School continues to embrace different cultures and backgrounds, it will remain imperative to share the same values at our core. These values that are embedded within our curriculum will continue to serve as a foundation as we educate our students and build our future. Yes, the appearance of our young students will change as they grow up and the International Independent School campus may look different in future years, but the Core Values of International Independent School will endure. These values will provide us with the strength and character to build upon our fine reputation.

Core Values
  • Community
        International Independent School believes that a community of differences enriches the educational experience and, therefore, the school supports an inclusive community that respects and honors the uniqueness of each individual and appreciates all members of the community. Members of the community have a shared interest in the welfare of the International Independent School community and the community at large promoting activities that endow the community.
  • Opportunity
        The International Independent School Community provides a favorable environment where all individuals have the opportunity to discover, to develop, and to strengthen their talents, abilities, and interests.
  • Honor above everything
        Our goal is to reinforce in each student the firm belief that success in every endeavor is the result of hard work honestly done, and that life in community must be based on respect for our Islamic belief and Arabic traditions and values.
  • Integrity
        The International Independent School Community honors moral principles that foster honesty and honorable behavior. Integrity reflects strength of character, dignity, pride, and ethical courage. As a community, we believe in and live by an Honor Code respecting the rights of others and embracing what is morally and ethically right.
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