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Strategic Plan

Planning for the Future of , International Independent School
   To achieve our vision, IIS must focus on our four core values:
  1. Community
  2. Opportunity
  3. Honor above everything
  4. Integrity

   We will achieve these values over the next five years by:
  • Investing in the finest faculty and staff
  • Attracting and retaining exceptional students
  • Enriching all academic programs
  • Enlarging and enhancing our facilities
  • Developing our resources

Focuses on Faculty
    IIS’s goal is to attract and retain a collegial faculty that is diverse in background, intellectually engaged, committed to honor and character development, and enjoys being an important person in the lives of students.

    To achieve this, we will:
  1. Develop a program of ongoing faculty assessment that challenges our abilities and supports student growth, lifelong learning, instructional innovation, and appropriate applications of technology.
  2. Ensure that the compensation package for faculty is appropriately funded and is structured to address the cost of living in our area and meets the economic needs of our teachers.
  3. Develop and implement a recruitment strategy that increases diversity of the faculty so it more closely matches the diversity of our student body.

Focuses on Students
    IIS’s goal is to develop a well-rounded student body, diverse in background and talent, and superior in academics, arts, and athletics.

    To achieve this, we will:
  1. Enhance marketing and branding to ensure that IIS’s reputation is accurate and shaped by its mission, values, and honor code.
  2. Create a targeted marketing plan to attract and retain the best candidates for a balanced and diverse student body.

Focuses on Academics
    An IIS graduate should be prepared not only to succeed in a challenging college or university curriculum, but also to be an informed and ethical decision maker in an increasingly global environment. IIS’s goal is to offer a purposeful, college-preparatory program, strengthened by significant exposure to the arts, athletics, and leadership opportunities.

    To achieve this, we will:
  1. Review and modify the current curriculum with particular attention to rigor, global connections, artistic expression, and leadership opportunities, and implement an ongoing review process for all grade levels and divisions.
  2. Review the academic Enrichment Program to further define its purpose, and implement program goals which are consistent with the broader IIS Mission.
  3. Evaluate and enhance the opportunity for extending the IIS experience through community service, artistic excellence, problem-based and project-based learning beyond the typical classroom environment, and the utilization of innovative technology and pedagogy.
  4. Evaluate and enhance student opportunities made available through IIS’s Middle and Upper School advisor/advisee program.

Focuses on Technology
    The goal of advancing technology at “International Independent School” is to anticipate and adjust opportunities as the world of instructional and informational technology evolves.

    To achieve this, we will:
  1. Continue to implement the school-wide technology program appropriately for students and teachers.
  2. Enhance classroom technical and instructional support by creating a full-time faculty position of Integrator of Instructional Technology and providing smart board for each class room.
  3. Continue to enhance IIS’s website, and strive to reach a goal whereby all constituencies will routinely access information in a seamless fashion.

Focuses on Facilities
    IIS’s goal is to develop and maintain exceptional facilities to support all aspects of the School experience.

    To achieve this, we will:
  1. Ensure that all campus spaces, classrooms, fields, athletic facilities, and common areas meet IIS’s high standards.
  2. Continuously evaluate and monitor the status of housekeeping, grounds keeping, the food service program, and other outsourced services for quality and excellence.
  3. Completed a professional facilities audit to assess the campus needs and to provide a guide for replacement and renewal.
  4. Continuously evaluate and enhance security measures and emergency preparedness as needed to ensure the safety and well-being of the students and employees of the School.
  5. Maximize and optimize our facilities through growing our summer camps and programs.

Focuses on Beyond the Classroom

    IIS’s goal is to offer a purposeful, college-preparatory academic program, which would be strengthened by significant exposure to, and opportunities in, the arts, athletics, travel, and community service in an increasingly global environment.

    To achieve this, we will:
  1. Strive for superior athletic experiences that emphasize character education and IIS’s core values through excellence in coaching.
  2. Research the possibilities of providing an athletic Equipment Manager to stock, inventory, maintain, and protect athletic equipment, supplies, and uniforms.
  3. Promote team unity and alumni pride by highlighting our outdoor and indoor facilities and displaying team pictures, banners, and memorabilia of teams past and present.

Focuses on Beyond the Classroom

    The goal of the IIS Community Service Program is to encourage students to develop a broader understanding of community needs. Students choose from experiences, both inside the IIS community as well as in the greater community, designed to enhance their overall character development.

    To achieve this, we will:
  1. Celebrate the importance of IIS traditions with community service events that honor our past and present commitments.
  2. Promote greater community connections through volunteerism.
  3. Develop a mission-directed community service plan that reaches all students, family members, and faculty members that requires ongoing dialogue and a sense of urgency and commitment to others.
  4. Develop an annual community service fair to aid students and faculty in recognizing a service organization that suits their interests.

Join Us!
   In keeping with the School’s Mission and acknowledging our Founders and great educators, the IIS will continue to reinforce the collegiate philosophy and practices. We will do this through a commitment to our core values and ideals, and strong academics presented in an environment that supports honor and service to others. IIS will continue to strive to graduate young men and women who are well prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. We invite you to join us!
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