The Parents – Teachers Association  

   The PTA consists of 21 members holding 5 major committees:

  1. The Social.
  2. The scientific and Develop.
  3. The Cultural.
  4. The Religion.
  5. The Sports of Arts.

    The head of the PTA and either the school's principal or the vice-principal (an elected parent). The PTA's tasks:

  • The follow-up of the execution of announced scholastic plans.
  • Internal interrogation upon any problems involving the school.
  • Giving recommendations to the administration based on the school's and Jordan's labors board rules.
  • Participating in different school festivals & occasions.
  • Communicating with reflect positively and negatively onto our schools.
  • Feedbacks are available on our students, teachers and administrations.
    Playground W.A.V.E
We are Responsible Care for Equipment Follow Playground Rules Line Up When Bell Rings Always Respectful Follow Adult Direction Be Kind to Others Very Safe Stay in Play Area Observe Personal Space Use Equipment Safely Excellent Attitude Be Friendly and Courteous
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