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Bus Service

Al-Yadodeh, Marj Al-Hamam, Dayr Ghbar, Abdoun, Swaifyeh, Ameer Rashed Suburb, Southern Umm Al-Summaq, Abdallah Ghosheh Str., Jabber Commercial Complex, Bayader Wadi El-Seer, Gandaweel Round-Trip 625
Umm Al-Summaq, Umm Authaynah, Mekka Str., Khalda, Al-Rabeyeh, Al-Shumaysany, Jabal Amman, Dabouq, Al-Rasheed Suburb, Tla’ Al-Ali, Sports City, Jabal Al-Luaybdah, Gardens Str. Round-Trip 725
Transportations fees are changeable due to Oil Price changes
60% of the two-way transportation fee.

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