1. How competitive is admission to International Independent School?
  1. Our small class size and our 7/1 student/faculty ratio, which are such assets to our students, become liabilities to applicants whose admission must be limited by the number of spots available. Because the number of applications increases significantly each year, there has been increased competition for these openings.

  1. Do you consider more than just quantitative factors?
  1. Yes. Standardized test results are an important factor for Grades 3 - 12, yet not the determining one. We realize that standardized testing fails to measure a student's motivation, creative writing, research ability, and character. This does, however, provide us with a common denominator among students applying from a wide variety of schools and differing educational backgrounds. When a student has done well in a solid academic program and has recommendations that are positive and insightful, less importance is placed on standardized test scores. If we are unfamiliar with a student's school or the school does not grade and provides us with only vague recommendations, more weight must be given to test results.
  1. What types of schools do most of your students come from?
  1. The majority of our Middle and Upper School students attended International Independent School during their Lower School years. There is no preference given to students from certain schools at any grade level. Newly enrolled students come from both the public and private sector.
  1. Do siblings have preference?
  1. Yes. International Independent School considers itself a family school and because of this, it is desirable to have members of the same family involved in our educational program. Yet, what is right for one child is not necessarily the correct choice for a sibling. If all other things are equal, we will give preferences to enrolling a sibling.
  1. What should we expect during the visit/interview?
  1. The parent(s) and student will be met by a member of our Admissions Committee or Admissions Staff. The visit provides an opportunity to meet a representative of the School and, in most cases, to see the School in progress. We feel the visit should be fun and informative for both parties. Each visit includes a tour of the campus.
  1. We as parents hear about how much pressure exists at independent schools like International Independent School. Is this true?
  1. There is a difference between a stimulating learning environment where "learning and thinking" are of the utmost importance and a school where only grades and test scores are stressed. Our students do work hard as the curriculum is rigorous and challenging. Because there are many bright and highly motivated students at our school, there does exist a competitive atmosphere in the higher grades. What keeps it from being a highly pressured situation is the warm, informal, and friendly nature of the campus, the small class size and the support each student finds available from administrators, faculty, and peers. There is always someone to go to with a problem, be it academic or personal. Most Middle and Upper School students average 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours of homework per night. Lower School students average between 1/2 and 1 hour each evening depending on the grade level. In assigning homework, faculty members strive for stimulating assignments which serve as extensions to classroom learning.
  1. How big are classes?
  1. The average class size is from 12-25 students with 20 being the maximum. International Independent School maintains an overall 7/1 student/teacher ratio.
  1. How would you characterize your faculty?
  1. Qualified, enthusiastic, and caring. Many of our faculty coach and sponsor activities and are available to tutor or counsel any student who requests or needs help. Our diverse faculty combines both youth and the wisdom of many years of teaching.
  1. What is the Academic Center?
  1. International Independent admits a diverse student body whose commonality is the desire and the cognitive ability to do college preparatory work. The Academic Center provides support for students with learning differences to help them be successful in our challenging curriculum. This support program, which is available to a limited number of enrolled students, is integrated into the school day. This program is an alternative to "the tutoring solution" so often adopted in the past. English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction is another component of the Academic Center. ESL instructional programs are tailored to give academic assistance for students not yet proficient in English and the same applies for the Arabic language.
  1. Do you require Community Service?
  1. Yes. Our Mission Statement includes a commitment to volunteer and community service. Middle and Upper School students perform service at agencies and locations throughout Amman. Students learn to recognize problems in the community and to develop relevant service projects. We believe that Community Service enhances awareness of responsibility to school and community and broadens student education through involvement with those in need
  1. Do you have a Parents' Association?
  1. Yes. Our International Independent Parents' Association is very active, sponsoring numerous fund-raising events as well as bringing programs into the school that entertain and inform the students. Officers are elected annually by the parents in the Association. Representatives from the faculty and administration attend meetings.
  1. Do you provide transportation?
  1. Yes. Transportation is available throughout Amman. There is a transportation fee for this service.

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