Homework is one form of the ongoing formative assessments. Students perform them in order to determine/ check on the extent to which the objectives of the course have been achieved. The student receives a mark for the delivery of homework and the quality of the work. The student also receives a feedback from the teacher on their performance within a period of not more than five days.


Homework is defined as a work the teacher asks a student to do at home. This is done in a participatory school-home setting. Homework aims to measure the achievement of the lesson’s goals, and sometimes a student is asked for some research studies and presentations as a participation in the continuous learning process. The Student must complete this work outside the school time in order to practice, enhance and apply the newly acquired skills and knowledge and to learn additional modern skills that serve his self-learning.

Homework philosophy:

Homework is another form of learning outside the classroom, and it plays an important role in consolidating the quality education and building leadership skills, and it helps students developing good and consistent school habits. Homework promotes/ enhances good school habits and develops positive attitudes towards school, assuring students that learning is an ongoing process that can also occur outside school.

Goals of Homework:

  1. Expanding the process of learning and providing practice in applying the concepts presented in the classroom.
  2. Providing independent learning opportunities for the student.
  3. Promoting and consolidating the learned concepts and skills, and developing time management skills.
  4. Providing opportunities to enrich the information of students.
  5. Development of initiative, responsibility, self - guidance and organizational skills of the student.
  6. Linking of what a student learns to working life.
  7. Allowing students to search for the information and to verify it on their own.
  8. Finishing some small tasks that were not covered at class time.
  9. Some duties may allow students to work as a team when required.
  10. Homework enables teachers tracking the progress of the students and ensuring the achievement of goals.

Homework types:.

⁃ Practice: the duties that allow students to exercise a skill previously taught and practiced in the classroom with the teacher. Such as: Paper duties (worksheets /resolution of lesson questions). Or some coursework like: (Reading/dictation/memorizing some Quran verses or poetry).

⁃ Application: are those works that allow students to think and reflect on what has been learned in class. Like: (Research studies, articles, projects, teaching aids and presentations).

The quantity of required homework:

Homework will be assigned according to what the educational situation requires and what the teacher sees appropriate and meets the required goals of the homework.

Methods of assigning homework:

⁃ Homework is announced through the weekly plans on the school Portal or the paper-based delivered.

⁃ Part of student’s grade is contributed to the students' homework according to the evaluation policy adopted in the schools, and this is subject to specific criteria for measuring the quality and mastery of work.

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