Within the IIS orientations toward implementing the latest techniques in the fields of contemporary ICT, IIS has established three computer labs furnished with high sophisticated technology and additional computer accessories. We seek to take accreditation from Microsoft to enable students, by the end of the basic stage, to obtain the license of mastering computer skills.

Our computer lab is a great place! It is a warm and comfortable room, which is the real place to learn and have fun at the same time. The lab is equipped with all necessary equipment like internet, modem, printers and scanners.

There are eighteen computers monitored and controlled by the main computer with which the teacher can control all other computers for both presenting lessons and other safety matters. The ICT labs also incorporate use of interactive whiteboards.

Students enjoy IT classes where they can learn and practice what they have learnt using great websites such as “e-learner”, high quality educational software and other programs like “Tux paint” and “Free mind”

  1. Technology Code of Conduct

    The International Independent School recognizes the educational value of students and staff utilizing electronic communications systems to enhance learning through the responsible access to global information and communication. We believe that the internet offers vast, diverse and unique resources that can aid in the provision of educational excellence through resource sharing, data collection and communication. Students are introduced to positive computer ethics and are taught the skills to be respectful and safe "cybercitizens" in the digital age.

    The internet is an electronic highway connecting millions of computers and individual subscribers all over the world. At IIS, teachers and students have access to:
    • electronic mail communication
    • information and news from educational sites

    Students must treat all computer equipment with care. They will be held responsible for any items that are improperly handled and/or broken intentionally.

    Students' access must be consistent with the educational objectives of the school. All students are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of Internet network etiquette, which includes:

    • Unacceptable Use
    • Etiquette: transmitting or accepting information that contains swearing, racism, or indecent materials. Be polite and respectful.
    • Harm to others: any act harming another individual.
    • Illegal activities: making illegal copies of software (whether licensed or otherwise without the permission of the teacher).
    • Fraud: attempts to deceive others
    • Vandalism: the deliberate attempt to harm or disrupt any part of the computer facilities including hardware software, data or any other component. This includes attempt to harm other installations.
    • Use of computers for purposes other than education.
    • Personal safety: personal information that identifies the user should not be transmitted over the internet.

    The use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right. Inappropriate use may result in the cancellation of those privileges. Staff intervention will be made in cases of user policy violations.

  2. Research and Test Centre
    As of 2016, a new lab was established to accommodate 60 students for various purposes. Students can conduct researches for reports or research for/ during class for assignments. The lab is also used for computerized tests like the MAP test and others. Students have access to the lab with either their teacher during a specific class or with an ICT lab technician during their break times.

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