Q.How Many Periods will a student be taking a day?
A. Elementary students in grades 1-5 have eight classes and two breaks from Sunday to Wednesday and seven classes and one break on Thursday. Secondary and high school students in grades 6-12 have seven classes and one break.

Q. What is the duration of each period?
A. Each class in the elementary grades is 45 minutes long and 50 minutes for the secondary and high school grades.

Q. Which classes are given in English?
A. For the National program, students take Math, Science, IT and English classes in English. For the International program, all subjects are given in the English language except for Religion and Arabic.

Q. Which classes are given in Arabic?
A. For the National program, all subjects are given in Arabic except for the English language in addition to Math Science and IT. For the International program, Religion, Social Studies and Arabic are also given in Arabic.

Q. How often will there be exams?
A. The first and third assessments will be a set amount of quizzes given to the students throughout the first and third month. The mid-terms and finals will be assigned exams in the middle and end of the semester.

Q. Do you offer music classes?
A. Yes.