Finding the right school for your child is a challenge parent’s face and we at IIS understand. Therefore, whether your family is making an international move to Jordan, or your child is just changing schools, IIS is here to make the transition as smooth as possible.
Below, you will find a detailed description of what you and your child should expect during the admissions process.

Phase 1: Meet with our Admissions Officer

The Admissions Officer is responsible for meeting with the parents of potential students, setting up interviews with program coordinators and scheduling placement exams. During your meeting with the Admissions Officer, you will be provided with first-hand information regarding academic programs, activities, and student support..

Phase 2: Take a Comprehensive Guided Tour of IIS

The tour allows for parents and students to see the campus and its facilities and ask questions about the school. Tours typically take about 30 minutes to complete.

Phase 3: Meet with the Program Directors

Following the completion of the guided tour, prospective students and parents are required to meet with the Program Coordinators for an orientation and assessment.

Phase 4: Complete a Placement Exam

The Placement Exam allows us to evaluate the student’s academic capabilities in Math and English. Based on the results from this exam, the Admissions Officer will determine the acceptance/ appropriate grade level for the student.

Phase 5: Completion of the Application Package

Parents are given an application package with paperwork that should be filled and returned to the school’s Student Affairs Department after completion.
We advise that students are registered prior to each term or school year, as certain grade level sections may become full.