1. Conduct and Behaviour
    At the IIS, there is a high standard of conduct that students are expected to preserve and they should conform to a set of rules, regulations, accepted behaviours and attitudes. There is zero tolerance for any form of bullying or intimidation; students are all to be treated equally and respectfully.
    Students should behave in a positive demeanour respecting the entire school body at all times. Honesty is a very important quality that students should possess when dealing with their peers and all members of the IIS community. Students are also expected to be aware of their verbal, physical behaviours and actions during school hours.
    Any student who demonstrate incapability of discipline will face appropriate consequences.
  2. Dress Code
    The appearance of our students is not only a reflection of themselves but also a reflection of the school. By wearing the school uniform the students display pride in the school and their neat appearance. This is mandatory for all students from K-12.
    The uniform style and colours are the same for all students representing the unity of the student body. The school shirt is a light blue polo shirt, which comes in short sleeves for the summer and long sleeves for the winter season. Pants are all long, grey coloured with a comfortable fabric. For the winter, students are expected to wear the navy blue wool school sweater. During P.E. classes, students are expected to wear the grey cotton school shirt and navy blue training suite.
    The uniform can be purchased from the school premises after they have successfully completed the registration process.
  3. Attendance Policy
    Attendance is mandatory by all students throughout the official school days. Students are only allowed to be absent when ill and a documented report is brought from the doctor. Legitimate absences also include religious holidays, family emergencies or those permitted by Head of School. Other absences include absence due to travel and late arrival to school and should be discussed with Heads of School.
    Students’ absences should not exceed 10% of the school days. For those who exceed this will not receive grades on their report card and might have to repeat the study year. School officials follow up via telephone with the parents every morning to confirm the nature of the absence and notify the parents with the quantity of absence the student has reached when approaching this 10%. All appointments including medical appointments, dental and/or other personal appointments must be made after school. Students will not normally be given permission to leave school during the day. Should it be necessary for a student to leave school for an appointment, they are expected to show evidence of the appointment.
  4. Safety and Regulations
    Fire drills are carried out at least once a semester.
    IIS is an alcohol, tobacco, narcotic and weapons-free school. Any student involved in activities related to these items will face severe disciplinary action which may include expulsion.
    Personal items are not permitted in school. Certain items such as mobile phones, digital music players, and computer games are not permitted and are confiscated if found. For Primary students, this includes toys (of any kind).
    Jewellery should be kept to a minimum. Studs are the only acceptable earrings and can only be worn by girls. Similarly, make-up should not be worn in school.
  5. Entry and Exit of School
    IIS welcomes all guests and visitors. Entry is permitted once official ID is presented to the School Security and receiving a visitor’s badge at the School Reception. There guests will be directed to designated official to help them in any concern or to answer any question they may have.
    Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during the school day unless accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. Students are not allowed to be picked up by anyone other than their parents/legal guardian or authorized driver.