Level Up offers STEAM courses for students in K-9. Schools run the courses to students in-school, after school and during the summer. In each course, students are connected with peers in other countries – students exchange video letters with their global partner students and collaborate on projects. By partnering with LUV, schools sponsor STEAM education in the developing world through our “Take a Class, Give a Class” model. Level Up Village facilitates global steam collaboration between students from around the world. They work together by collaborating on shared project files and exchanging video letters via LUV’s global communication platform.

By participating in these courses, students not only develop cutting-edge STEAM Skills, but also the softer skills of global collaboration and communication, now targeted in ISTE, Common Core and NGSS standards.

Students in the fifth grade participated in Global Conversations: Malala Yousafzai where this course concentrated on literature and global citizenship. Together, with their classmates and their global partners, students read and discuss I Am Malala and explore cultural perceptions among both countries via video letter exchange, with a focus on cultural stereotypes, education, leadership and community service.