Sports Activity

The Department of Physical Education seeks to focus on the student and enhance his belonging to his great homeland. Starting with belonging to his small homeland, which is the school by developing his skills. Such as, the physical skills and the ability skills, besides motivating him to actively participate in school activities, championships and represent his school well to open the way for himself to join the national teams in various games and represent his country and raise his flag. This will enable him to obtain a certificate of school sports excellence that helps him and qualifies him to continue the educational process and join national universities.

Sports facilities

The schools offer fully equipped sports facilities, including a gymnasium equipped with modern sports equipment, a gymnastics and taekwondo room, outdoor grass soccer fields, a basketball court, a volleyball court, and a swimming pool that is fully equipped with security and safety factors.

There is great interest in sports activities offered to students, whether individual or group, due to their positive impact on the student's physical and psychological health, character building and teamwork.

Among the competitions that our students participate in every year is the King Abdullah Prize for Physical Fitness, in which we won many medals.

Among the activities carried out by the Physical Education Department is Dubai Winter Camp, in which students participate in an annual football camp, where they learn new skills, enhance their current skills, take experience from other teams and compete with other teams from the United Arab Emirates, and this camp is shared between the two schools.

After school sports activities

This year, the Department of Physical Education conducted sports activities after school, so that the student chooses the sports activity he/she prefers and trains two days a week, as this helps to raise the level of physical and health fitness and reveal the students' special abilities, preparations and talent skills.

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