1. Comprehensive medical examination for students in target grades (first basic, fourth basic, seventh basic, tenth)
  2. Documenting chronic conditions in a special list and informing officials and managers about them in addition to documenting those suffering from the sensitivity of medicines and foods
  3. Measuring height, weight and examination of vision for all rows
  4. Giving restaurants to targeted students according to the national vaccination program (the first is basic + x)
  5. Securing medicines and medical equipment for medical conditions and first aid within the clinic
  6. Documenting daily medical conditions in a special register of the school clinic
  7. Preparing mini-awareness lectures for students as needed in coordination with departments
  8. Address simple and middle cases and communicate with the parents of students who are less than the fourth grade or if needed
  9. Treating educational staff and staff and seeing and organizing medical reports and vacations
  10. Giving awareness lectures (for emergencies and first aid) to the teaching staff as needed in coordination with the department
  11. Cases that need a hospital are transferred from the school after contacting parents and management and are followed up
  12. Supervision and safety of drinking water and water refrigerators
  13. Distribution of the medical questionnaire to be answered by parents to mention any chronic disease students for mobilization by parents and documentation in the student's register
  14. Take the heat of all students, teachers and staff at school when you enter in the morning
  15. Make sure to wear face masks all the time for all students, teachers and staff
  16. Control and reduction of infectious diseases
  17. Make a list of corona injuries for students and staff and inform officials and senior management

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