The IIS curriculum is guided by the values and beliefs embedded in the school’s mission and vision in which we cater for the needs of all our students. Our curriculum is developed through collaborative planning which is based on the Common Core Standards and the Ministry of Education (Jordan) curricula. The school has an established curriculum review, development and implementation cycle. Curriculum maps are developed with corresponding unit plans. Alignment is found in the maps, unit plans, lesson plans as well as the assessments. Topics and instructional strategies strive for maximum student engagement in the learning process. Project based learning as well as cooperative learning permit individual students to investigate in depth related and relevant topics of interest.
The following indicates the curriculum standards used for specific subjects:

Literacy and Numeracy
English Common Core State Standards  
Literacy in History/Social Studies
Science and Technology
Biology Common Core State Standards or Cambridge Qualification or Edexcel Qualification
Social Studies
Information Technology
Physical Education
Arabic and Religion
Arabic Language Ministry of Education Jordan  
Arabic Social Studies
Islamic  Religion