Nabil Hussein

Dear Parents, Students, and Visitors,

Raising children abroad has always been a challenge yet we never lost sight of our roots. We planted the seed of opportunity with the intent of optimizing the future of our children’s generation when the school first opened its doors in 2008. It was intended to cater to the needs of our children after being unable to find a school that we thought fit our standards and would accommodate to their needs in top-notch facilities when we first arrived to Jordan.

We aimed to create a safe and loving environment where students were offered a superior education with strong academics and extracurricular programs to help shape their personalities filled with principles, morals and skills preparing them for an ever-changing world. Today, the Hussein family proudly witnesses the growth of not one, but two schools in Jordan that are the only educational institutions Recognized for Excellence (R4E) by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) represented by the King Abdullah II Center for Excellence. Our journey is one undertaken together and with the support and guidance of our stakeholders, each academic year the bar is set higher with new achievements.

We have witnessed students being planted like microscopic seeds spreading the determination and persistence needed to achieve their respective dreams to the fullest extent of their manifestation. I am proud of our graduating classes that stand tall in a world before them deeply rooting into their own aspirations. Whether it is using their freedom to give a voice to the voiceless or just sharing a common passion to make the world a better place, the Hussein family strive has led to a generation of powerful students embarking on chapters of life with what they have learnt here at IIS.

Through the gift of education, we aimed to foster a generation of global citizens taking pride in where they came from and confidently looking onward to the notions of diversity and internationalism. Through the kindness of every single teacher, they have placed in our students the ability to spread kindness. Through the establishment of this institution, we’ve established a passion in students to attain an education for a better life, paving their way as change-makers in a world full of turbulence.

This could not have been the work of just one person as no man is an island. Together, with my beloved IIS family, we will give citizens a strong foundation and a future full of opportunity.

Warm Wishes,

Nabil Hussein

Chairman of Board of Directors

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