The International Independent Schools offer the national system for school students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 (Tawjihi) where this system is subject to the foundations of success and failure of the Jordanian Ministry of Education.

Features of the National Section in International Independent Schools:

  • International Independent Schools apply international standards and a comprehensive quality system to both the national and international sections.
  • The International Independent Schools building in its two branches, Airport Road and Khalda, combine the national and international departments under one roof and is subject to the same academic and supervisory administration with the same quality, using the same facilities as arenas, playgrounds, and technological and scientific laboratories.
  • The school is committed to what is imposed by the Ministry of Education and according to the foundations of success and failure in the shares of academic classes, with an increase in the number of English language classes to serve the interest of the student, and the addition of science and mathematics subjects in English for the basic stage.
  • Students in the National Department study the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education, enriching it with additional materials that enhance skill acquisition according to students' preferences, such as adding electronic platforms and activating cultural and scientific activities.
  • The International Independent Schools are committed to the ministerial calendar in terms of the start of school hours, holidays and official events, dates of assessment tests, the end of the school year for all academic levels, and Tawjihi tests.

Educational stages in the Jordanian ministerial system:

  • Kindergarten stage, with a duration of two years at most.
  • . The stage of basic education, lasting ten years
  • . The secondary education stage, lasting two years

The subjects taught in the national system are as follows:

In the International Independent Schools, the national section and the subjects taught in Arabic are subject to the system approved by the Jordanian Ministry of Education, with enriching the English language curriculum with international curricula to raise the academic level of students in the English language.
After completing the primary and secondary stages, the student is expected to achieve a set of general outcomes, which are the main source of our International Independent Schools vision and mission.

أولًا المرحلة الأساسية من الصف الأول حتى الصف الخامس:

ثانيا المرحلة الأساسية من الصف السادس حتى الصف العاشر:

ثالثًا المرحلة الثانوية:

Among the general outcomes of the Jordanian educational system:

After completing the basic and secondary stages, students are expected to achieve the following outcomes:
  1. Belief in God - Glory be to Him - and be aware of the reality of Islam, belief, rulings, rituals, acts of worship, and the transactions on which it is based.
  2. Awareness of the biography of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, and link with Islamic and Arab values, and represent them in manners and behaviour.
  3. Loyalty to the homeland and the king.
  4. Awareness of the basic facts and facts related to the history of the Islamic and Arab nation and the Jordanian people in its Arab and Islamic depth in particular, and humanity in general.
  5. Loving their homeland, belonging to it and being proud of it, and assuming the responsibilities they owe towards it.
  6. Striving for the advancement and advancement of their homeland, and keenness to participate in solving its problems and achieving its security and stability.
  7. Show honesty and respect when dealing with others, whether they are from their own culture and religion or from other cultures and religions.
  8. Exercising their rights and duties as citizens who contribute to the development of society and the nation.
  9. Applying the basic concepts, skills, methods, requirements and rules for each of the study subjects in various aspects of life.

It is permissible, according to instructions issued by the Minister: -

  • Accelerate outstanding students by shortening the number of academic years required for the outstanding student to complete the basic education stage, with a period not exceeding two academic years.
  • Shortening the number of academic years needed to finish secondary education, according to the semester system or according to foreign programs, provided that it is not less than three semesters, and the summer semester is not one of them.
Basic education stage:
  • Basic education is a base for education and a basis for building national and national unity, developing abilities and self-inclinations, and guiding students in their light.
  • This stage aims to achieve the general objectives of education and prepare the citizen in the various aspects of his physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social personality to be able to achieve all the specifications of a good citizen.

Basic education is compulsory education in the Jordanian educational system

  • A student is accepted in the first year of basic education if he has completed the sixth year of his life at the end of December of the academic year in which he is accepted.
  • The student shall not be dismissed from education before the completion of sixteen years of age, with the exception of those who had a special health condition based on a report from the competent medical committee.

Secondary education stage:

Secondary education is education that students enrol in according to their abilities and inclinations, and is based on providing specialized cultural, scientific and professional experiences that meet the existing or expected needs of Jordanian society at a level that helps the student to continue higher education or to join fields of work.

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