This scholarship is offered to students in grades 10, 11 and 12. According to the following requirements:

  1. The student must have high achievements on the academic and behavioral levels.
  2. The student should submit certificates indicating and affirming his academic and behavioral achievements.
  3. The student should pass IIS evaluation tests; Arabic, English and Mathematics.
  4. The student must pass an interview with a specialized committee.
  5. Student results are calculated as following: 75% on test and 25% on interview.
  6. The student must undertake/ grant to get marks that guarantee him/her to continue at the expense of the scholarship. It is as follows:
    • National - Grade 10: 98%
    • National - Grade 11: 97%
    • National - High School (Ministry): 95%
    • International - British: 7A*
    • International - American: 6A*
  7. In case, the student receives a partial scholarship, the conditions will be determined in later and the percentage of the scholarship will be added to the contract.
  8. The student will be given 10 marks on the scholarship test if he/she has athletic or technical skills.
  9. Hafiz Qur'an is given a full scholarship, and if he/she has memorized 10 parts or more, he/she will be given 10 marks on the scholarship test results.

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