The human element is one of the most important inputs to the educational system, so the International Independent Schools Administration pays special attention by searching for the factors that affect its productivity until it reaches the maximum possible efficiency.

The International Independent Schools Administration seeks to provide members of the administrative and educational bodies with expertise and qualifications, taking into account that the success of the individual in his work depends on two main factors:

1- The ability to work through what the individual possesses of skills, knowledge and abilities.

2- The desire to work through the material and moral incentives offered to employees.

The school administration has set a special policy for recruitment based on specific criteria for applying for jobs, which defines the qualifications, capabilities and characteristics required to be available in the employee, depending on the job description for each vacant job. The match between the specifications and characteristics of the person and the requirements of the job, which will contribute to achieving employee satisfaction and thus increasing their productivity.

*Applicants fill out an employment application form, which contains personal information, scientific and practical experiences, whether through the website or personally attending the schools website. Noting that any false information exposes the applicant to legal accountability, which may lead to the rejection of the application.

* All information and documents related to applicants are treated confidentially in the Human Resources Department.

*The job description is an essential document in the recruitment process that clearly and precisely defines the duties and responsibilities of the applicant.

* The institution has the right to ask about the applicant for the job if he worked in previous schools, and this is done after the personal interview.

* The job applicant is subject to a personal interview by the Human Resources Department and department officials, in which the applicant’s ability to implement the job description and meet the job requirements is shown through oral questions, so that the oral test form is then filled out, which represents 20% of the total assessment of the applicant. Written tests are conducted in both Arabic and English, and the aim is to ensure that the applicant is proficient in both languages, written and spoken. In addition to some educational questions, this assessment represents 60% of the applicant's overall assessment.

* After completing the personal interview and written tests, a typical class is held for the applicant (teachers) and attended by his direct supervisor, through which he takes into account the employment standards approved in independent schools, and then the form for evaluating his performance during the class is filled out and represents a mark of 20%.

The passing mark for teachers of English is 80% and teachers of other subjects are 70%.

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