The Counselling Department, in the International independent schools, provides - through specialists in counselling and psychological support - psychological, educational and social support services to students, by conducting individual or group follow-ups, according to absolute confidentiality, beside all counselling services are consistent with students’ level and age.

The department provides preventive counselling services, which aim to prevent some problems or expected behaviours , in addition to remedial counselling services, for many behaviours and issues, such as: lack of class discipline, smoking, and exam anxiety.

The department also takes care of the academic problems; We follow up the students, academically, to discover any difficulties, or any problems related to the educational process, of the student, and to provide the appropriate services for each one.

In addition to providing guidance services to parents, including the interests of our students, inside and outside the school, the most prominent of which are:

  1. Helping our students to acquire the ability to interact with real dialogue based on respect for the other and the other opinion and acceptance of different points of view.
  2. Providing students with original values and new skills that help them interact and positively influence their current reality and expected future.
  3. Work to provide students with the capabilities and competencies that qualify them to be effective individuals capable of taking responsibility and making decisions.
  4. Building cooperative relations with parents, and involving them in the process of educational planning and behaviour modification.
  5. Building relationships for students with the local community by involving them in community activities, charitable and voluntary work.

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